What are the Salient Features?
How to proceed with Analysis?
What are the Specialised Areas you identify?
Astrological interpretation through predictive astrology must be coincided with psychological trend of that particular individual. Then only the native will be able to understand the functioning style of their own horoscope and that reveals the functioning of themselves accordingly. Not only that, it is a sort of visualisation of the individual's motivation and action. So before raising questions for solution pertaining to their problems, the natives will become seasoned and matured to anticipate. By this method of analysis, the lay people are very much benefited to the greater extent. That is why it is absolutely necessary in the present environment and especially the younger generation needs effective counselling along with predictions and forecast.
What are the Salient Features?
Analysing by the method of Astro-Psychology, the native of that particular horoscope certainly understands the infrastructure of the chart, accepts the behavioural pattern also. The interpretation of horoscopes by sequence would positively lead for solutions. This type of sophisticated approach would be of beneficial for the native who faces the challenges. Once the natives understand what is happening from time to time with regards to horoscopic functions, they are ready to take substantial steps to maintain seasoned parameter in motivation, assessment, exposure, attitude etc.
How to proceed with Analysis?
We have established through so much of innovative research by comparative study among sustained cases and come to the conclusion that the subject of Astrology could be proved an essential science, only when amended with modern thoughts with respect to individual horoscope's planetary permutations - conjunctions - aspects and configurations, without disturbing the basic sanctity of the theory. So the traditional pattern of approach with basic concepts or the old thoughts seldom gives full-fledged answers for the questions raised by the native. Finally we need to analyse by segregating different specialised areas of the horoscope to extract the truth. Therefore interpretation along with counselling is obviously based on justification, of what is needed for the individual.
What are the Specialised Areas you identify?
Highlighting Personality Traits:
Every individual is bound to have personality trait of their own according to the birth natal horoscope in exposure, attitude, aspiration, desire, likes, dislikes and they have been habituated from the beginning to behave with some other complexes such as:
  1. Inferiority
  2. Superiority complex
  3. Melancholy state and sober mind
  4. Hesitancy to move in the society
  5. Reluctance to proceed further
  6. Hallucination, doubts and fear
  7. Sympathetic imbalance and poor psychic ability
  8. Maintaining solitude and practising unproductive philosophy
  9. Guilty conscious nature
  10. Less tolerance, flaring up for no reasons
  11. Suffocating the worries
  12. Psychosomatic behaviour
  13. Outspoken, sentiment and excitement
  14. Over confidence and optimism
  15. Over cautious and pessimistic
  16. Poor assessment and evaluation.
  17. Flash back tendency
  18. Grumbling for no reasons
  19. Discontentment all the times
  20. Frustrations and depressions
  21. Stubbornness
  22. Logical and argumentative
  23. Aggressive motivation
  24. Underestimating all the times
  25. Irritable state of mind
  26. Suspicious tendency
It seems to be very important to analyse the above area of the traits through the horoscope, would certainly become a boon for the native as a brainwash to control and regulate the mind. Through the method of Astro-Psychology, we believe the above-mentioned area of personality trait may be the root cause for upliftment or any calamity.

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