Letter of Appreciation
Dated 5th march 2001.

AstroFortunes is a new website that discusses specialised areas of astrology blended the psychological research of the individual. The site aims at tapping the hidden urge among youth to get to know more about astrology and how it affects their life.

KHALEEJ TIMES - Weekend women,
Dated 28th Feb 1992 (Dubai UAE)
Prof. Miranda, a Research-consultant astrology, in a continuing series will share his knowledge of astro-psychology with the readers. He has been involved in research projects co-relating factors in medical counselling, compatibility and its relevance in child psychology and development.
DATO S. SAMY VELLU, Minister of works, Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur.
Dated 21hb. Oktober 1988
Prof. Miranda has been a better guide to astrological significance and he has brought modern perceptions in predictive astrology of highlighting personality traits.
Dr.UPENDRA ACHARYA F.r.c.p (Lon) Director, Primary Health Care & Consultant Dermatologist, Department of Health & Medical Services, DUBAI. U.A.E.
Dated 5th May, 1983
I would like to appreciate the role of Prof. Miranda in the field of Applied Astro-psychology. He has a scientific approach related to Horoscopic impact on health matters especially in the field of Genetic disorders and astro-psychology and it is this approach away from convent5ional methods that makes the subject so interesting. Prof. Miranda's role as a research consultant in Astro - psychology has been widely recognized in other countries also. I wish him all success.
Dr. ASHOK KUMAR, Consultant Psychiatrist, Dubai, U.A.E.
Dated 29th July 1987
Prof. Miranda is really proficient in predictive psychiatric disorders in the light of his knowledge of astrology has been astonishing and quite helpful. I was very keen to have his association in research projects where his assertion about patients' facts in relation to planetary impacts would have led to a new branch "ASTRO-PSYCHOLOGY". I wish him all success in his future plans.
Dr. V.SHANKAR M.D. Dubai, U.A.E.
Dated 8th Aug 1987
I am pleased to introduce Prof. Miranda, one of the great astrologers that they have come across. My association with him for the past few years, made me to understand the correlation of Astrological predictions with Disease pattern in my patients. His astrological predictions gave me guidelines to investigate some of the intricate cases mostly caused by unknown variable factors. I found his scientific approach in the predictive medical astrology, very interesting and very accurate in many of the people in my association. I wish him all success.
Dr. M. NATHAR BAVA, Paediatric consultant, DUBAI, U.A.E.
Dated 11th Mar 1984
I am very glad to commend Prof. Miranda's meticulous efforts to trace paediatric disorders through Astrological investigations. He is an accomplished expert in predictive Astrology developed through sincere efforts and case studies. I have observed him accurately pinpointing genetic causes and arriving correctly at diagnoses of infectious disorders. I wish him success and due recognition and encouragement from medical circles in his laudable and beneficial venture.
Dated 16th Nov, 1993

In recognition of meritorious service in the field of Astrological science, it is with great pleasure that we congratulate Prof. Miranda of India, Research consultant and Author in Applied Astro-Psychology. We specially thank him for his valuable speeches over broadcast on specialised areas of Astro-Psychology covering topics as follows.

  1. Scientific school of thought of Astro-Psychology.
  2. Matrimonial compatibility and collective achievement.
  3. Horoscopic impacts on health matters

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